Chapter 70

In this article we will look at first impressions of chapter 70 of Dragon Ball Super and what we will expect to see in chapter 71 according to insider knowledge. In chapter 70 Champa Sama is again seen along with his assistant Vados. It seems that he has not yet forgotten the defeat they suffered from the tournament of the two universes.

Champa Sama proposes to his brother Bills to play some baseball, to which Bills happily accepts. The player teams include those who participated in the last tournament.


Champa's team consists of: Kyabe, Magetta, Botamo and Vegeta; who for a strange reason isn't in the opposing team. While the Bills team consists of: Goku, Vegeta, Yamcha, Gohan, Gotten, Little Trunks, Piccolo.

The star player was Yamcha, who got more points than anyone and did so using a technique between the Rogafufuken and Sokidan to beat their opponents.

The most anticipated confrontation of this chapter was that of Vegeta and Goku, who forgot that they were playing each other and used their transformatiosn in Super Saiyan blue to be able to gain a point.

At the end of this confrontation between these two warriors was Yamcha who was very injured, due to a tremendous blow that gave Vegeta the ball. In the end, the Bills team wins, so Champa Sama gets angry and end up complaining as usual to his brother Bills, before being arrested and scolded by Vados and Wiss.

Chapter 71

Next week will premiere Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 which will be titled: "Goku Dies! The Order of Murder to Be Fulfilled - The Return of the Most Powerful Killer!" According to the progress shown for this chapter, we will finally see the powerful Hit again, and as the title says, our favorite hero Goku dies when he receives a surprise Hit attack, ending his life.

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It is observed how their children Gohan and Goten are surprised and crying, as well as the appearance of new mysterious characters of blue color with what seems to be masks.

We do not know why Hit is acting this way, and we do not know what consequences this situation will bring. We suppose Champa, as God of destruction and caretaker of his universe will do something about it.