The tournament of the 12 universes is the upcoming event that is very highly anticipated by fans of the series, and, as its arrival approaches, it is also known that new warriors will be included among the 120 prominent figures chosen to fight in the most frightening event in the history of the entire program. A new image seems to have been revealed, and it has set fire to the rumor mill, with countless theories and speculation finding their way online.

Two warriors in the image

Recently, Facebook page GojiitaAF published an image, where it is possible to estimate parts of the manga and the presence of two warriors.


In effect, the image can be seen in the photo gallery of this news in the top left part. In the image, we can observe part of it, where Shenlong appears fulfilling some desire of the two subjects. Clearly, it is possible to see that they do not form a part of the official plot of "Dragon Ball Super," and it is also clear that the design does not appear to be the signature style of Akira Toriyama and/or Toyotaro.

Nevertheless, in the image, we can note the presence of Son Gokú, together with a fastened stranger with white hair, which many viewers and fans have currently dubbed "Super Saiyan White," however, it is also apparent, based on the image, that this mysterious, white-haired character is not, in fact, a Saiyan.

The white-haired warriors

Curiously, Son Gokú is throwing a kame hame, whereas the other member of the magazine also denotes the same thing. The first one has the classic orange and blue suit of battle and is transformed into a saiyan (ordinarily with the golden hair), whereas the second possesses a totally different suit never before seen, but it denotes the presence of a great warrior who happens to have white hair.

We also remember that there was another image that was recently filtered that might be considered the first non-official detail of the possible new gods of destruction and their respective angels.


You can catch a glimpse directly from this link.