Surprising! The tournament of the 12 universes is one of the biggest and most highly anticipated events of the entire series of "Dragon Ball Super," as the universal king who governs everything proclaimed a while back that all universes in the known world of "Dragon Ball" would participate in this upcoming tournament. In effect, the above-mentioned event finally will be a reality, starting in February of next year, and an amazing trailer has been created, showing part of the official plot and the new prominent figures. Next, a brief summary of everything fans can expect from the upcoming saga.


What the trailer shows

In effect, the trailer begins showing us part of the manga of "Dragon Ball Super" with the background music when Beerus-Sama killed Zamasu, because Zamasu wanted to eradicate his counselor Gowazu (who is the supreme Kaioshin of the universe ten). After some silhouettes of images, we can estimate that the tournament will start and that Zeno-sama is the manager in charge of welcoming all of the competitors. By far, the most outstanding aspect about the trailer is the presence of the 12 gods of destruction that you can see in the gallery of photos of this news, in the part above.

The next saga is about to begin

Likewise, we can see Daishinkan-sama, the most powerful angel of the 12 universes. It also appears that this character will indeed have a much more prominent role in the upcoming saga. Also, a rumor has been making the rounds across all of the social media channels about a possible fundamental rule of the tournament. In a nutshell, the universe that loses the tournament will be destroyed. The stakes truly do not get any higher than this.

Ultimately, there is a great deal to look forward to in the upcoming saga, that certainly has fans across the globe eager to get a taste of what's to come.


Following the conclusion of the Future Trunks saga, and the mini filler saga involving the assassin Hit and the death of Goku, this tournament of the 12 universes will be exciting, indeed.