A few days ago, we found out that Android 17 will appear once more in the series, after almost 20 years of absence (without counting "Dragon Ball GT" as original content). Now, everyone is waiting for the return of the android, as well as Gohan as a warrior, since they’ll both participate in the Tournament of the 12 Universes.

Seven facts you may not know about Androids 17 and 18

1) Android 17’s true name is Lapis, and Android 18 is Lazuli. These two names make reference to a semi-precious stone called Lapislazuli.


Both androids are twin-brothers who were kidnapped by Dr. Gero to turn them into androids, but before, they were common human beings.

2) Since they still have their human side, they can become stronger if they train, exceeding their mechanical phase. They do not need to eat, but they do need to hydrate their bodies (something similar happens with Piccolo). Their cells wear off slower than humans, and this is the reason why they age slower as well. This explains why Android 18 looks the same after so much time, even in "Dragon Ball GT" spin-off, where he just changed her haircut.

3) According to Akira Toriyama, Android 17 works in a natural reserve, and in the manga, in Majin Buu’s saga, he can be seen intercepting some strangers with a shotgun. By doing this, he helped Goku prepare the energy bomb with the energies of all of Earth’s living beings. In his new design, we can see 17 with an orange bracer and the word “Ranger," which confirms his profession during all these years.

4) It is said that Android 17 is quite good at his job. He is married to a woman who studies the animals, had a child with her, and he also adopted two more kids.

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This last fact (the adoption) is an interesting one that we were unable to see in other characters of the franchise. He and his family live in a house inside the natural reserve, which we were unable to meet so far.

5) He had a meeting with Android 18 and Krillin, but he said nothing about his profession, perhaps because he was embarrassed of it and wanted to maintain his strong position. Something similar happened with Vegeta, who still struggles to keep his tough persona at times.

6) He never becomes aware of the fact that the bomb that was implanted inside him has disappeared from his body.

Let’s remember that Krillin wished for Shenron to remove the device from both of the twin brothers, but the only one that was hiding and watching at that time was Androdi 18.

7) Since they are half humans, they can both be revived with the help of the Dragon Balls. Unfortunately, Android 16 didn’t have the same luck, since he was entirely mechanical.