'Dragon Ball Super'

A few hours ago, new designs of a new film created by Toei Animation were published, giving life again to Saiyajin Broly, in a new supreme phase that many readers and followers have waited for for more than 10 years. It’s a feeling of joy that instantly comes to mind, the thought of again seeing one of the greatest fighters from earth in action. Even if there’s not an official launch for the movie, it is almost sure it contains a stellar fight against Saiyajin Goku, who would reach phase 2 of the blue god phase, while Broly will have to go on completing his great level of fighting and skills, since in the past he was punished for all the potential that has inside him.


However, Broly is a legendary Saiyan in the movies and he overtakes any Saiyan on “the good side," as Vegeta, Goku and Future Trunks will likely be on the receiving end of that. The plot is very likely to revolve around the universal tournament that the gods have prepared, after that catastrophe where some villains overtook every Saiyajin.


To keep the humans calm, the tournament was geared toward a kind of distraction, but Broly travels with the help of a Martian species that takes him to the universe 11, unknown by the followers of the series, because in the different sagas, they only mention that there are 18 Universes, but that of those 18, they have only managed to remain in 12 universes and that only the gods of the universe 6 and 7 have been revealed, leaving those worlds and their gods in the X.

No doubt, these new developments surrounding the arrival of Broly to the cinemas is something that all fans of the long running series will be able to ultimately appreciate, and, it’s amazing to think that we are going to be able to see just how strong Broly will be in the parallel worlds.

In other news, now that the Future Trunks saga is coming to an end, fans wait in anticipation for the arrival of the next, upcoming saga, which will finally premiere for the world to see later this month.