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Anyone who’s seen Donald Trump’s Twitter knows its full of controversy. The President-Elect hasn’t always been the patron saint of kindness, but now somebody is giving him a dose of his own medicine on Twitter. Danielle Muscato, political activist and musician at large, definitely did not like the President-Elect’s tweet this past Saturday, December 3 about "Saturday Night Live's" Trump parody. A skit on the popular comedy show made fun of Trump’s nearly-constant tweeting to followers.

It’s Saturday Night!

Trump’s Twitter spat hateful messages at "Saturday Night Live" after they parodied him in their show that same night.

The President-Elect called out Alec Baldwin’s Trump impersonation, saying it “[could not] get any worse,” and slammed the whole show as “sad!” to the tune of 47,000 reply tweets. Ms. Muscato’s Twitter rant was so rant-y it took up several tweets. Baldwin also tweeted back at the President-Elect, stating "I'll stop [making parodies] when you release your tax returns," a reference to the orange one's claims during the campaign that he was "smart" for not paying taxes.

As found, Ms. Muscato’s tweets began with a demand that the President-Elect “pick your [expletive] battles”, telling Trump he was “embarrassing” himself. Her rant appears to echo the sentiment many have that the Don is not fit to be President as he lacks the cordiality expected of the highest office in the US.

Twitter wars: activists strike back

Muscato also called the President-Elect out for being “narcissistic” and highlighted the fact that the parody was exactly that and not meant to be taken seriously. Muscato later reported to her 92.5 thousand followers that she’d been blocked from Facebook due to receiving hate mail over her verbal attack of the President-Elect.

She called on Twitter followers to protest, support progressive causes, and constantly defend against hate.

Down-hill Tumblr

To avoid the censure on Facebook, Muscato also posted the hate mail to her personal blog on Tumblr. Trump has yet to respond directly to the Black Lives Matter activist, but sent out a general message about how the media does not portray him accurately, which he stated is why he must take to Twitter so often. spoke about the "Saturday Night Live" skit, which featured a very distracted Trump tweeting during a national security briefing rather than listening. The Don’s Twitter activity called the show “biased” and “unwatchable.” He has previously accused other outlets such as CNN and the New York Times of bias as well.

Making of a movement

The Root also picked up on Muscato’s Twitter rant against the President-Elect. According to the site, Muscato continued to stay on the offensive, tweeting: “[Alec] Baldwin’s impression isn’t sad. You know what’s sad? In 7 wks you’ll be responsible for 330m lives & you can’t think of anything better to do than tweet abt a comedy show [sic].” Muscato has expressed desire to make her ban from Facebook and Facebook Messenger go viral, encouraging people to share across social media platforms.

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