A number of Donald Trump supporters have claimed that they will boycott the new Star Wars film as they believe the film depicts him as a racist. "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" is the latest addition in the highly successful Star Wars franchise but some pro-Trump fans have claimed that the movie includes anti-Trump themes, with one Trump supporter even claiming that the writers of the film even rewrote and re-shot scenes to add in anti-Trump propaganda.

Star Wars writers, Donald Trump and the boycott

The complaints about the new Star Wars film began in November when "Rogue One" screenwriter, Chris Weitz, made negative comments about the President-elect following his election victory over Hilary Clinton.

Soon after the shocking election results were released, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter tweeted a photo of the Rebel insignia with a safety pin through it. The image of which has been used to demonstrate support for immigrants, minorities and women since Trump's triumph earlier this year with Weitz captioning the image "Star Wars against hate. Spread it,". The tweet led to Trump fan Jack Posobiec tweeting out an unproven statement last week, which claimed that Rogue One had been rewrote and re-shot to include "Anti Trump scenes calling him a racist".

Disney reacts

Speaking of Posobiec's comments, a Disney CEO told The Hollywood Reporter that the story had been blown out of proportion, claiming that the film was in no way political and was made solely for the world to enjoy.

Despite the Disney CEO's statement on the accusations, a group of Trump supporters have now vocalized that they plan on boycotting the film in protest. The hashtag #DumpStarWars is now being used by a number of Trump fans who believe that the film is being used as a platform against Trump in the wake of his election success.

Star Wars political premise?

The premise of "Rogue One" is that a group of rebels are fighting for their freedom from a tyrannical empire. Sound familiar? The majority of films in the Star Wars franchise could be interpreted to have political meaning and although it is clear many who worked on the film were less than happy with Trumps victory in November, to suggest what will most likely become the highest grossing film in 2016 (despite some Trump fans protests) was rewrote and re-shot in little over a month is just lunacy.

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