Donald Trump's presence at home is directly responsible for possible layoffs that businesses in New York City are considering. Revenue and sales activity is suffering due to heightened security at Trump Tower, which is right in the center of Midtown. The area is a hotbed of business activity, but contending with all of the security measures put in place around the high rise has shaken things up for everyone in the immediate area.

Layoffs or cut in pay possible for some businesses near Trump Tower

According to CNN Money, there are 50 businesses in the vicinity of Trump Tower and up to 80 percent of those are losing business due to less foot traffic. Half say the result is severe. Two-thirds of the businesses are suffering lower revenues while a quarter are uneasy they'll even make enough to pay rent. A quarter of the businesses losing revenue because of Donald Trump's security are mulling over the prospect of cutting pay for employees, and 12 percent may even layoff workers, find another location, or close permanently.

What's causing businesses to lose money in this way because of Donald Trump's presence? The Secret Service has sectioned off the sidewalk in front of his building and blocks nearby have barricades set up. Its proven to be cumbersome for tourists and shoppers to make their way through the security maze.

All of this has made things hard for business owners, who are typically busy during the holiday season.

Derek Walsh, who owns a pub near Trump Tower called Judge Roy Bean, said people don't want to walk with their family down the street where there's a "bomb squad," a "command post," tons of barricades, and "150 cops" in their path. Needless to say, it's exasperating for both business owners and visitors alike.

Walsh and other businesses have started a petition for the city council requesting that the New York Police Department move its command post center.

There has been talks between the NYPD and several business owners to resolve any issues they may have.

President-elect promises a better economy, but it doesn't look good around him

Local business owners in New York City near Trump Tower say they can't continue this way for another four years. Once Donald Trump gets into office, he still plans to be home in Manhattan frequently. His wife, Melania, and their 10-year-old son will remain at home until next June when Barron finishes school.

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