Donald Trump is less than two months away until he is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. While taking a break from his transition team, Trump decided to attend an usual party where he came dressed in an ironic costume.

Trump the villain

Ever since pulling off the political upset of the century, Donald Trump has been working to finalize his cabinet and administration. The billionaire real estate mogul has found time to take a break from his duties as president-elect, mostly venting on Twitter, including attacks on the cast of "Saturday Night Live," and "Hamilton." On Saturday night, former campaign manager and current senior advisor, Kellyanne Conway, revealed what Trump's plans were for the evening.

As seen on her offical Twitter account on December 3, Conway and Trump attended a "Heroes and Villains" party.

The "Heroes and Villains" themed event was thrown by Robert Mercer, a well-known hedge fund manager who donated more than $2 million to Donald Trump super PACS during the election. Mercer holds a holiday party each year, which have been known for their unique themes.

Conway referred to the Long Island party as the "hottest ticket in town" while speaking to Bloomberg, while also revealing her superhero outfit of choice; Supergirl. Conway took advantage of the "Supergirl" outfit, whose titled superhero is experiencing a resurgence in popularity with the hit TV show of the same name airing on the CW network.

As for Donald Trump, he decided to dress up as himself, which could mean the ultimate superhero or villain, depending on one's perspective.

Also attending the party were members of Trump's transition team, as well as other high-profiled conservatives.

Moving forward

After putting the party behind him, the former host of "The Apprentice" will continue to crunch the numbers and decide who will fill out the remaining cabinet positions. The biggest job still left vacant is for Secretary of State. Reports have indicated that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and former 2008 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, are at the top of the list, with retired Gen.

David Petraeus still considered an option.

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