Only 24 hours after President Obama announced sanctions against Russia for their reported hacking of the 2016 presidential election, Russian President Vladimir Putin hit back. Putin responded by taking the high road, appearing to wait until Donald Trump took office to make his next move.

Trump Twitter love

Over the course of the entire election, Donald Trump often came under fire for making controversial comments about his politician opponents. One person who Trump never criticized was Vladimir Putin, which continues until present day.

Hours affair Putin responded to Obama's sanctions, the president-elect took to Twitter to express his admiration of the Kremlin leader. "Great move on delay (by V. Putin) - I always knew he was very smart!," Trump tweeted. Not long after, Trump returned to Twitter to mock CNN and NBC for being played by Russia. In the aftermath, Twitter users on December 30 were quick to fire back, including some celebrities.

"And he always knew, Donald, that you very dumb," actor George Takei posted on his Twitter page.

Filmmaker Rob Reiner also took Donald Trump to task for his Putin praise. "3 interpretations of DT saying Putin is smart:1 DT is a monumentally stupid useful idiot.2 Putin has blackmail on DT. 3.Both," Reiner tweeted, adding "We're fu**ed!"

"US imposes sanctions on Russia based US intelligence; Trump sides with Putin over country.

Beyond chilling," David Leopold wrote on Twitter. "Don't you think it might be more appropriate for you to praise the American president instead of the Russian president?" journalist Simon Hedlin rhetorically tweeted back to the president-elect.

"I'm worried when 2017 starts I'll keep forgetting to write "United States of Russia" on my checks," Benjamin Siemon wrote.

Dan Slott, writer for "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "Silver Surfer," also gave his thoughts. "Thanks, everyone who voted so this guy could be in a position of power to side w/ RUSSIA over the United States of America."

Next up

While the details are scarce, the relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin appears to be a tight one. While the former host of "The Apprentice" continues to deny any wrongdoing, while dismissing the reports that Russia hacked the election, a growing number of congress members have come together in bipartisan fashion to demand a further investigation.

Trump will be sworn in as the next president on January 20, and that's when the American people will finally get to see how the United States moves forward with its relationship with Russia.

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