Ever since Donald Trump pulled off one of the biggest political upsets in recent American history by defeating Hillary Clinton to become president-elect, critics have pondered how it actually happen. One area of blame has been so-called "fake news," which Trump is not too happy about.

Trump's Twitter

Heading into Election Day and the consensus was that Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald Trump and become the first female commander in chief in United States history. Most pollsters predicted a historic win, as Clinton was averaging about a four percent lead on a national level.

After Trump locked up the victory, the theory of "fake news" followed, as Democrats and liberal critics believed that false anti-Clinton stories played a part in her defeat. While the majority of "fake news" sites that have been pushed by the mainstream media have been found to be credible alternative news sites, some right-wing conspiracy blogs have slipped through the cracks. As seen on his offical Twitter account on December 10, Trump is mocking the idea of "fake news," and linking it with a mainstream media outlet.

The big story to kick off the week was that Donald Trump would continue as an executive producer on "The Celebrity Apprentice," even while holding the job as president. "I have NOTHING to do with The Apprentice except for fact that I conceived it with Mark B & have a big stake in it," Trump tweeted, before adding, "Will devote ZERO TIME!"

Not stopping there, the billionaire real estate mogul attacked CNN for pushing alleged "fake news" against him on Twitter.

"Reports by @CNN that I will be working on The Apprentice during my Presidency, even part time, are ridiculous & untrue," Donald Trump said in a follow-up tweet, while concluding his comment by adding "FAKE NEWS!"

Next up

An earlier report in The New York Times also noted that Donald Trump had met with co-creator of "The Apprentice," Mark Burnett, in an attempt t turn his inauguration ceremony into a reality show.

Whether or not that is the case is currently unknown, but Trump will be sworn in as the president on January 20, but not before he continues to finalize his cabinet and administration.

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