One of the ways Donald Trump was able to connect with millions of his supporters was his ability to connect with them on social media. However, Trump's constant Twitter tirades have often resulted in backlash, which was front and center during the latest episode of "Saturday Night Live."

SNL on Trump

Earlier this week, Donald Trump got into a war of words against the media. Picking a familiar target, the billionare real estate mogul went after CNN for their "dishonest reporting." Trump's major gripe came when the network, most notably reporter Jeff Zeleny, quickly debunked his claims of illegal immigrants voting for Hillary Clinton during the election.

Despite vowing to be "very restrained" on social media after winning the election, the president-elect has only increased his attacks on the social media platform. As seen on the December 3 edition of "Saturday Night Live," Trump's Twitter addiction was the butt of the joke.

With Kate McKinnon by his side playing senior advisor, and former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, Alec Baldwin put in yet another stellar performance as Donald Trump. The opening segment worked off recent reports that Trump had turned down all but two intelligence briefings, while appearing to have time to tweet out his aggression.

One tweet that got the most attention was actually when Trump re-tweeted a message from a 16-year-old boy known only as "Seth." The tweet, which was a criticism of CNN, was apparently not enough for Trump, who then added to the message before being called out by "Seth" for the edit.

"I just re-tweeted the best tweet.

I mean wow, what a great, smart tweet," Baldwin's Trump said. As his transition team tried to get him to put down his phone to speak about the ongoing war in Syria, the fictional Trump was having no part of it. "Oops I did it again," Trump sings to the tune of the popular Brittney Spears song, as he continues to tweet, with McKinnon's Conway looking distraught in the process. The segment concluded with Breitbart News' Steve Bannon being depicted as the Angel of Death.

Trump responds

Moments after the segment aired, Donald Trump went off on his own Twitter account in response. "Just tried watching Saturday Night Live - unwatchable!," Trump tweeted, before adding, "Totally biased, not funny and the Baldwin impersonation just can't get any worse. Sad." Trump will be sworn in as the next commander in chief on January 20, and will continue to fill out the rest of his cabinet in the weeks leading up to Inauguration Day.

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