One of Donald Trump’s many accomplishments, even before he has been sworn into office, has been to make it ok to make fun of the president of the United States. Late night comedians shied away from lampooning President Barack Obama for two reasons. They liked him and his policies. They were afraid of being thought of as racists by their peers. But in Donald Trump, comedians have the perfect subject. Trump is as larger than life, over the top white male Republican. He is comedy gold.

Saturday Night Live has led the charge even before the election by hiring Alec Baldwin, who is also larger than life and over the top, to play its Trump.

The gig was not supposed to last much past the election as the SNL cast and crew did not expect Donald Trump to win. However, the long-running show has decided to accept the opportunity and run with it with a will.

For example, SNL recently depicted the selection of none other than “Breaking Bad’s” Walter White as Trump’s head of the DEA. The fictional high school science teacher turned meth lord hammed it up for the cameras, noting that it was time to “make America cook again.” An actress playing Kellyanne Conway deadpanned the justification for selecting White to such an important position.

Of course, it could be said that hiring a drug dealer to suppress other drug dealers may not be as outrageous as one might think. In the 18th Century the British appointed notorious privateer and pirate Henry Morgan to be governor of Jamaica with the mandate to suppress piracy in the region. On the other hand, those efforts seemed to consist of protecting privateers who raided the Spanish so long as he got his cut.

In any case, TV viewers can look forward to years of presidential ridicule and perhaps Jon Stewart musing that he retired from television much too soon. The fact that Trump can be expected to offer his critique of the latest mockery courtesy of Twitter will add a little extra zest to the proceedings. Donald Trump: time to make the presidency funny again.

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