When Donald Trump first announced his plan to run for president, most of the mainstream media and political pundits didn't give him much of a chance at success. As Trump started to pick up steam in the primary, it was only a matter of time before his campaign was used as a form of satire, which quickly became a highlight on "Saturday Night Live."

Baldwin on Trump

For over 40 years, "Saturday Night Live" has made it a point to poke fun at the current political climate. During each election cycle, the show amps up their coverage of the campaigns, as more Americans have their eyes glued on who is running for office.

The 2016 presidential campaign will go down as one of the most controversial elections in history, and with that controversy came a lot of humor. Actor Alec Baldwin was tapped to fill the role of Donald Trump, who exaggerated nearly all of the president-elect's mannerisms to perfection. During an interview with the New York Times on December 20, Baldwin elaborated on his time playing Trump, and what the future holds for the character.

Outside of a Trump-style wig and makeup that takes less than 10 minutes to apply, Alec Baldwin is left to create the magic of bringing a satirical version of Donald Trump to life.

While audiences have loved Baldwin's impression, with "Saturday Night Live" seeing a boost in ratings, the president-elect himself hasn't been thrilled. Trump has referred to the show as "unwatchable" and "sad," while panning Baldwin's attempted parody. Trump has lashed out on his offical Twitter account on various occasions, with his latest rant taking place earlier this month, saying Baldwin and the show "just can't get any worse."

Alec Baldwin admitted that his portrayal of Donald Trump might have humanized him to a degree that it actually helped him get elected, but the actor isn't willing to step aside just yet.

In regards to his future playing the billionaire real estate mogul, Baldwin is only just getting started. " I think that now that he is the president, we have an obligation, as we would if it was him or her, to dial it up as much as we can," Baldwin told the New York Times before his latest performance the past Saturday night.

Moving forward

While Alec Baldwin is expected to appear sporadically on "Saturday Night Live" over the next few years, it's unknown if Donald Trump will speak out on the show.

Baldwin's last performance also included a shot at future First Lady Melania Trump, as well as his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. To the surprise of many, Trump was silent on Twitter, and hasn't mentioned the show yet.

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