Is Kailyn Lowry dating someone new? On the heels of the reveal of Javi Marroquin's new relationship with Cassie Bucka, the "Teen Mom 2" star has shared a new tweet, hinting that she too may have found love after divorce.

In her December 11 tweet, Lowry seemingly confirmed that she is dating again by telling fans that she may have misunderstood how a new relationship works. "I thought when you get a man all their sweatpants & hoodies automatically become yours? No? Is that not how this works?" she asked her fans and followers.


Kailyn Lowry is upset about Javi Marroquin's new romance?

After Marroquin began sharing posts on social media about his relationship with Bucka, Lowry took to her own social media account where she claimed it was unnecessary to blast photos and updates on one's romance. While Lowry hasn't been vocal about her thoughts on Bucka directly, her post appeared to hint that she was not happy to see Marroquin being so open about their relationship.

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin were married for three years

Kailyn Lowry and her now-ex-husband tied the knot in 2012 and later enjoyed a second ceremony in Camden, New Jersey, which was attended by their close friends and family members.


Then, weeks later, the former couple welcomed their son, Lincoln Marshall Marroquin, now 3.

During Lowry and Marroquin's marriage, the former couple spent tons of time with Lowry's oldest son, Isaac, 6, and even now, Marroquin has remained close to the boy. He's even been spotted spending time with Lowry's ex-boyfriend, Jo Rivera, who is Isaac's father.

Following three years of marriage, Lowry and Marroquin announced they were ending their relationship earlier this year while Marroquin was serving a deployment in Qatar.

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At the time, the estranged couple revealed their plans to part ways during the finale episode of "Teen Mom 2" season seven and also spoke of their impending divorce during the reunion special.

Kailyn Lowry and her family, including her ex-husband Javi Marroquin, are returning to MTV for "Teen Mom 2" season 7B on January 2 at 9 p.m.

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