Leonardo DiCaprio’s eco-friendly two-bedroom pad in New York City is turning out to be a green albatross. DiCaprio just sold his apartment for $8 million, which is $2 million less than what he paid for only three years ago. The green two-story flat is located in Manhattan’s upscale East Village area and the ultra-low price meant the buyer got the pad for 20 percent less than what DiCaprio paid.

One reason he sold it, sources say, is because he rarely spent any time there, which is unsurprising given his slate of other real estate properties throughout the world.

One includes another apartment in Battery Park City, N.Y., two adjacent properties in Hollywood, and a six-bedroom manse in Palm Springs, Calif. These properties all expel copious amounts of carbon dioxide, which DiCaprio seems unwilling to give up as he flits around the world in a private jet.

Ultramodern green flat

But the East Village pad is a bargain given that it was designed and built by the upscale firm Delos and packed with ultramodern conveniences such as 24-hour “dawn” simulator timed to your circadian rhythm, a built-in juicing station, circulating aromatherapy air, heat-reflex floors, and a shower that’s infused with vitamin C.

The 42-year-old actor’s living quarters even got the seal of approval from New Ager Deepak Chopra.

Don’t feel too bad about the “Titanic” star’s titanic loss. When he sold his recent Studio City home, he raked in $2.4 million only months after it was listed.

And sites that rank a celebrity’s worth place DiCaprio’s at over $245 million. That’s slightly more than what his hero Al Gore is worth, who sold off most of his solar and wind stocks, making him one of the least green climate change alarmists. As of December 2016, Gore’s net worth was roughly $171 million.

DiCaprio and Ivanka?

And when DiCaprio isn’t busy selling off his real estate, he’s reaching out to Ivanka Trump, who isn’t in lockstep with her father about global warming being a “hoax.” On Tuesday, the “Wolf of Wall Street” star used intermediaries to give Ivanka a copy of his much-hyped global warming documentary, “Before the Flood.”

The A-list actor aired his movie on “Nat Geo” and included a bevy of alarmist politicos and green-focused Celebrities.

The Oscar winning star has come under fire for living a carbon-heavy lifestyle while spewing environmental awareness about the Earth’s imminent demise. One thing that’s in critical condition is the star’s real estate chops, though his acting gigs are some of the highest paid in Hollywood.

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