Originally performed as a play in 1983 and noted as August Wilson's most successful screenplay, "Fences" has finally made it to the big screen on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, it happens 11 years after the death of August Wilson, a prolific Black author who created theatrical art using casual environment and controversial content centering African American conflicts. Wilson can be considered the Shakespeare of his time who inspired many actors of today, including Denzel Washington.

'Fences' the movie

Washington, who stars in both the Broadway play and the box office movie as lead character Troy, masters each monologue as if he's practiced them throughout his entire career. Co-star Viola Davis who plays his wife Rose, steps a little outside her comfort zone and captures it nicely. Viola as Rose shows both the controlled dominant side of women and contains the emotions that are viewed as vulnerability. She's determined to hold her family together and Davis is the perfect fit for the part.

Washington, who's known for acting as various characters, definitely proves age is not a factor when it comes to talent. The drama expressed while being Troy were realistic. If I had not seen or read the play ahead of time, I would've been caught off guard with the developments of the script. All the actors inside of the movie deserved the role that they were chosen for.

Movie or Play

As for the movie overall, "Fences" is far from perfect.

Diversity in the cinematography is needed. Unlike a play, Movies visually describe most things that are discussed, even if they're small flashbacks like scenes. Very few movies in today's time visually leave the audience to develop their own imagination of what happened. Nothing is wrong with creating wonder, but for an entire movie, I'll pass. I appreciate Washington, who also directed the movie, staying true to all of the classic monologues and screenplay format.

However, this a movie which is supposed to be different from a play, and in movies the delivery normally doesn't sound prewritten. "Fences" sounds like the whole movie is monologues, which makes the audience feel as if they're watching a play rather than a movie. Although Tyler Perry productions are unlike August Wilson's, if anyone were to see a "Family Reunion" the movie they wouldn't think that it was once a play. For some, losing the screenplay coordination would've been disappointing, but I would prefer to see a movie. Everything in "Fences" was verbatim to screenplay and I would've liked them to incorporate a little more fun and creativity inside of the script, which would allow enjoyment for all audiences.

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