Trunks of the future is one of the most beloved characters for both children and adults. Equally, its history and character are fascinating, as well as tragic. He is a warrior in every sense of the word, that is why many wonder about the possibility of seeing it in an upcoming saga. In the multi-universe tournament where the strongest fighters of each universe will participate, and Trunks is certainly one of the most powerful in the universe 7. We may see it next to Vegeta, Goku, Piccolo and Gohan if these characters participate They would undoubtedly be a team they should fear. But could this happen in the future? We saw how Bulma (Trunk's mother)was trying to build her own time machine.


Can Trunks return through a time machine?

Bulma's attempts to create the time machine open the possibility that they are the ones who ask for their help, but as we saw in the same chapter Bills destroyed that possibility because time travel is prohibited, since the whole matter of Black and Zamasu were precisely caused by Trunks' time travels. So how could the warrior participate in the tournament? First, we doubt that Trunks can again ask for help for his future, that would be repetitive to the point of fatigue.

On the other hand, it could be that he goes to visit them to see how everything is and there Goku would take advantage and it would ask that trunks participate with them in the match.

Trunks and Goku - a forced option

The above mentioned option is somewhat forced, since before the tournament when they looked for fighters just Trunks could pass to visit their friends of the past and tell how is going to be in the future, Ee think there may be another possibility that does not include building another time Machine.


We refer to Gowasu and his ring of time. If the tournament is announced and z warriors think it would be good to have Trunks power on their team, they can simply tell the former rebel Kaioshin master to use his ring to tell the warrior of the future that they need him for a tournament.

As attractive as it may seem, the chances of that happening are few, not zero, although it could happen when the tournament is to take place. What do you think? How could they make Trunks participate in the multi-universe tournament? If you like this, do not forget to follow me and share this article and you can also leave your opinion below in the comment box #Dragon Ball #Dragon Ball Super #Goku

Dragon Ball Super - The Multiverse Tournament