'Dragon Ball Super'

The last manga of the series has shown some important details. We can start with the revelation about the four green rings and the temporal lines. These rings were created because of each time the time was altered and a parallel world was created.

In short, each ring was created by a trip in the wrong time. Gowasu made it clear that traveling to the past with rings is not possible and is also prohibited. He even said he couldn’t use the rings after 400 years of being a KiaoShin’s apprentice.


How old is Zamasu then if he looks so old? According to Akira Toriyama, KiaoShin lives about 75,000 years.

Now Gowasu also revealed an important fact about the first ring that has been created, the first green ring, which corresponds to an improper travel in time. Who was this character and where did he come from? Will it appear in the series? Let's see...

The ring represents a parallel world

Gowasu said this: Aforetime, a mortal who led an advanced civilization of the Universe 12 traveled to the past and modified it, something that was considered impossible.

As a result, the ring was created - representing a parallel world. Gowasu clearly adds that it was a long time ago, and if the man was mortal, we doubt very much that character could actually live today unless he made a wish of eternal life or the elixir of life. We comment on this because all of the websites and blogs are talking about how this could be the next story.

I believe it could be a very interesting exploration in Universe 12. We still don't know of any unknown universe but any of these have been confirmed and the traveler could possibly be dead.

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This characters of Universe 12 could be similar to the human race; a mortal race that has also created a time machine named Capsula Corporation in the future, developed by Bulma. Warriors visiting Universe 12 would be incredible, but there’s nothing confirmed.

We leave you with a video and a interesting theory:

"Dragon Ball Super- The 12 Universes Tournament"

This is a new video regarding "Dragon Ball Super "and this time discussing the latest groundbreaking announcement by the Lord of Everything - about him wanting to hold a multiverse tournament - one in which all 12 universes will participate, so check it out and tell me what you think!!