As mentioned above through this medium, it is likely that Goku will lose his life in episode 71, "Goku dies?, the order of the murder to be executed." In addition, Vegeta will travel to the planet Sarad of the Sixth Universe, which Is the origin of Kyabe and the other Saiayins of the mentioned Universe.

Goku and Vegeta gone

So, with the possible death of Goku, and Vegeta's departure from planet Earth, it would be very likely to see Gohan's return to the battlefield, as he is the strongest warrior only behind the two fighters mentioned above.


Gohan, unlike the two previous fighters, is not a Saiyajin of pure race, since his heritage is a mixture between a Saiyajin and an inhabitant of earth. This is also the reason why combat is not in his nature, and why he has often been reluctant to engage in it -- however, he is still one of the most powerful characters in the saga after Goku and Vegeta.

It would also have to be assumed that Goku's death would not mean non-existence, much less the end of the series, since, as in previous sagas, his death only referred to his non-existence on planet earth, so it is most likely that Torimaya is just looking for a good reason for Gohan to return to the path of the warrior.

The inevitable return of Gohan

As mentioned before, Gohan stopped fighting because he is not a pure-bred Saiayin, so it is not in his nature to fight, even though he has the physical strength to do so. Likewise, it would be clear that because Gohan stopped training, his forces would be decimated and he would have to prepare again in case there was a threat that would endanger planet earth.

It should also be remembered that as Gohan is not a pure Saiayin, he has the emotions of a human, which can serve as a weakness for him in battle, when it is often an advantage to be able to have no emotions when attempting to destroy an enemy.


However, without Goku or Vegeta, Gohan would be forced to return to fight, motivated to defend his planet, his family, and his friends.

Are you excited to see Gohan return to form?