'Dragon Ball Super'

A few hours ago, V-Jump magazine brought to light interesting information about the arrival of the God of Destruction, Champ. This assistant champion and Vados were the actual problem: Killing the Saiyajin Goku; the reason for his anger is his defeat in the Baseball Tournament, where the god Champa was in charge of leading the event and putting together the best fighters of Universe 6 and 7.

The God Champa, after loosing two tournaments consecutively, expressed his by anger doing deals with a new villain -the killer called Hit, who took care of Universe 11 one time.


New supreme deities

The arrival of supreme deities will change in a complete way the "Dragon Ball Super" series because new gods will appear to protect Earth and the twelve Universes, and even Goku’s life is at risk for the reasons mentioned before. God of Universe 4 and 5 is really glad about knowing Goku, while, in another paradigm, Champa gets to lock up Goku so Hit can give him a fair death.

Gods realize Saiyajin Goku is nowhere, so they decided to call Universal God, Zeno-Chan, who travels to Universe 7 with the purpose of murdering Hit, but this one gets away with Champa and his assistant (Vados's) help. They do this in order to make Hit able to travel in time.

Without doubt, this new saga will have the suspense that many people wish for in the 'Dragon Ball Super series."

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Gohan becomes aware of the death of his father. Goku, decides to avenge his death, and then decides to go to fight, but Gohan with tall he all the power at present, knows well that it could not defeat the enemy murderer Goku.

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Haci Gohan asks Wiss that he train it to the standard of master of the God of destruction of the universe 7 and he decided not to accept the proposal, but instead asked for food.

After some time Wiss and Vegeta are surprised by the speed in which Gohan reaches the transformation of the Super saiyan (SSJ Blue) Blue, and with that Gohan is already ready to go to battle with the killer, that many believe that it is Hit. GOHAN VS HIT, but I don't think it's Hit.