There are a few days left until the opening of the chapter of the series Dragon Ball Super. It is true the previous chapter ended with the appearance of the character called Hit. According to the progress of chapter 71, which opens this Saturday, we see Goku lying on the floor and next to him are his children Gohan and Goten crying disconsolately.

After seeing this image we can deduce that regrettably, Goku is dead, unless he is a badly wounded product of the blows from the character Hit who belongs to universe 6.


Next, we will comment on the information of the villain who ordered the death of the main character of the series - Goku. This villain is a boss who belongs to the characters of the sixth Universe.

For now, we know that Hit wants to destroy Goku and the other characters and warriors Z. And that this blue villain is a destroying god who wants to be the winner of the next tournament that is fast approaching. Likewise, Hit is hired by this character in order to end the main character of the series and the most powerful Z warrior.

If we remember a little about the tournament of the universe 6 and 7, Goku and Hit became friends but unfortunately, the character of the sixth universe is a villain who really would not mind destroying any character. Also, the proud Saiyan will look for Kyabe to tell him all the information about why they want to kill Goku. Will Kyabe know any of this information? Will Kyabe tell the necessary information to Bulma's husband?

The good thing about all this is that the main character of the series can revive thanks to the dragon that could ensure that Goku lived again.


You definitely cannot miss the next chapter where we will see the main character in the series fighting for a moment with Hit, but unfortunately, he could end up dying. Remember that all episodes are released every Saturday and it is scheduled for nine at night. What will happen in the following chapters? And you, are you going to miss it? #DragonBallSuper # Television # Animation