'Dragon Ball Super'

A few hours ago there were filtered new information about the most loved character of DBS. His name is Hit, the most outstanding character in the Universal Martial Arts Tournament. He could even have won the tournament, but he did not notice the advantage of the Saiyayinjs team, which used the little character named Monaka, in order to stop Hit.

The Dragon balls could have been saved

With these events, The "Dragon Balls" could have been saved and avoided the god of the 7th Universe, named Champa who was the one in charge of wishing more desires in order to complement his dream of being the most powerful universal god of Earth and the twelve Universes.


The new tournament

Then he decided to create a new tournament, but in this case, it will be a baseball tournament. The idea came because he could have the advantage over his brother, the God Of Destruction, Bills-Sama, who also has an ace under the sleeve; the warrior named Yamcha, which is a specialist in baseball, something that no one knows when the tournament is about to start.

However, you can be sure it will be a chapter full of adrenalin for the Saiyajins and everybody in the universal teams.

But Bill-Sama still has the advantage, therefore his brother Champa will lose the tournament and, as a consequence, he decided to release his anger and left Universe 7 really angry.

Champa’s plan is to kill Saiyajin Goku, because he scoffed him after had won the tournament, saying he was awaiting a martial arts tournament, not a baseball one, even if the context always was to make a competition between the 12 Universes. So, Champa calls Hit to the Universe 7.

Here comes the sad part, because Hit has to murder the saiyajins at any price or Champa will kill him.


If you want to know more events of the series, I invite you to watch the following video from our YouTube channel.

DBS: the challenge of champa's tournament baseball, Goku will participate as well as Yamcha. Back Frost and Hit (theory). It is said Champa will return to lose and this could result in hatred of Goku, as it will appear an enemy will want to kill Goku.