The tournament of the 12 universes will begin on February 5, 2017. Just hours after it was announced who the Gods will be that will participate in this upcoming tournament, a Japanese source has released important details of this event, in which it has revealed the new rules of the tournament and the new powers of the 12 Gods of destruction, who undoubtedly will play a very important role in this new manga of Akira Toriyama. Next, we share with you the new rules and requirements of the upcoming universal tournament.


The new rules of the next tournament

1. The team must be made up of ten fighters.

2. The team that loses will have their universe destroyed.

3. There will be double fights, for example: Goku and Vegeta could team up and fight against two other warriors, it is likely that the Z warriors would merge.

4. From the beginning of the event, the destroying Gods must be accompanied by their supreme Gods.

5. If a fighter resigns the fight, he will be destroyed.

6. No destructive God can make a claim, otherwise he will be destroyed.

7. The fighter who lacks respect for either of the two main Gods, will have his universe destroyed immediately.

8. The fighter who cheats will also have his universe destroyed.

The rules of the universal tournament are very strict, the destroying Gods of each universe will have to inform their fighters about the rules and must choose their most powerful warriors. This tournament will undoubtedly be the most extensive tournament. The warriors of the earth have as a mission to win the universal tournament.

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In the image of this article, we appreciate that the destroying Gods are dressed in a formal way. One of them is a giant and the vast majority of others dress the same way. However, several Gods are also related in some way to the God Bills.

Additional information

The father of the angels of the universe six and seven would receive all the destroying Gods. Finally, the two Gods of creation appear. We know that there was only one God of creation, but Goku (thanks to the time machine) made the God of creation of the future travel to the past, and now he has an ally.

According to Shonen Jump, the Gods of this tournament will develop new powers. Next, we will show you the progress of the upcoming chapter of the series, with some leaked information about this saga. Enjoy it, and stay tuned. And, in the meantime, we await the arrival of the next chapter.