"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 69 has recently been released, and below we show you the first translations into English and later what we will see in the next chapters.

This episode has been one of the funniest we have seen throughout this new series of Akira Toriyama, and we have the participation of Arale Norimaki and its creator Dr. Norimaki. Apparently, Arale, is a simple and harmless robot with girl's body, no one would suspect that behind that angelic image hides someone as powerful as her.

Arale vs Everyone

Everything begins, in an event that Mr.


Satan has made, in which the best event creator would be chosen. In that process of rivalry between the participants appears Arale, that throws to the air to Mr. Satan like form of game. Vegeta, observing this thinks that it is a very strong girl, so it decides to fight with her. Vegeta really takes a surprise to be repeatedly attacked by Arale without his attacks doing something to the robot. In a moment, Vegeta gives a powerful kick to the girl, causing her to lose her head to later look for it and put it back as if nothing had happened.

Arale says that she is a robot but that she can destroy the earth, and she does it, part in the half to the planet of a punch, leaving to all frightened. Goku does not waste the occasion and also faces Arale, but it does become Super Saiyan blue and throws him a powerful Kamehameha that does not affect at all.

Its creator is worried about the damages that its robotic creature is causing, so thanks to Trunks it occurs to him to create a "pink little poop" in the machine that invented. With this girl, she manages to distract herself and stop fighting.

Top Videos of the Day

The next episode of "Dragon Ball Super" 70 will be titled: "champa's Challenge! This time we're going to play in baseball!" According to the progress shown at the end of chapter 69, we will see that the boys of the universe 6 (Champa boys) will compete in a baseball game against the boys of the universe 7. And we see that Yancha will be one of the stars of that championship.

Next, we also leave the titles of chapters 71, and 72 of 'Dragon Ball Super':

  • Episode 71: "Goku dies, the order of the murderer to be executed!"
  • Episode 72: "Counterattack? An Invisible Skill of Murder!"