"Days Of Our Lives" fans are getting impatient with Abigail Devereaux, portrayed by Marci Miller. She has been back in Salem for a few weeks now. Instead of letting Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) know she is alive, Abby has been hiding in her mother's attic. When will "Chabby" reunite on "DOOL?" According to the latest spoilers, it is going to happen sooner than fans think.

Why Abigail Devereaux doesn't want to see Chad DiMera

In an interview, Marci Miller explained that Abigail feels she would be a burden to Chad.

She isn't completely well yet and doesn't want him constantly worrying about her and having to take care of her. She also wants Chad to be happy and isn't sure he can live a full life with her in it. However, she is wrong. Chad loves Abigail whether she is well, sick, or somewhere in between.

Someone will discover Abby is alive on 'Days Of Our Lives'

"DOOL" spoilers reveal that this week someone will find out that Abigail is alive. That person is Dario Hernandez. However, Abby will blackmail him into keeping quiet.

What could she possibly know about Dario that would have him agree to stay silent?

Abigail decides to let Chad know she is alive

On December 15, expect Abby to tell Jennifer Horton that she has decided to let Chad know that she isn't dead after all. In a "Days Of Our Lives" preview clip released by NBC, Abby tells her mother that the time has come for her to be honest and that the "time is now." She seems desperate and determined, almost as if something has happened.

Perhaps this has to do with Chad and Gabi's relationship?

How will Chad DiMera react on 'DOOL'?

In an interview, Billy Flynn said that Chad will feel betrayed by Abigail. He will also probably be angry with his brother, Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis), who helped Abby disappear. As fans recall, he helped create a scenario with a plane crash that led everyone to believe Abigail died on "Days Of Our Lives."

What do you think is going to happen with "Chabby" on "Days Of Our Lives"?

When will Abigail let Chad know she is alive and how will he react to the news?

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