A few days ago I told you that this week on "Days Of Our Lives" you would see Rafe and Shawn turn to Kate for some information. Well, we have more information on what could be a game changer.

What was Stefano hiding?

Hope's situation is bleak as she faces life in prison with no possibility of parole. Rafe and Shawn are working hard to help her. Any sliver of information, any ray of hope. They aren't leaving a stone unturned. In their quest, they found a series of emails that indicated Stefano was facing some serious health issues.

The two turn to Kate for her assistance. They need to track down Stefano's physician for the details and she is able to point them in the right direction.

As Rafe and Shawn continue on their search for answers, Hope and Hattie continue to bond. Hattie shares her story of what put her in prison. Hope, in turn, is able to open up about some of her own regrets. The two become closer as they share their stories and spend time together.

Gabi, Chad and Abigail are still in question. Abigail can't make up her mind.

Should she let her husband know she is alive, or remain dead? She loses her nerve every time she wants to come out of hiding. Eventually she has to come clean. The question is what will Chad do? The longer she takes to go to Chad, the more involved he becomes with Gabi. Dario knows Abigail's secret but she has him in check -- for now. Blackmailing Dario seems to be working to keep him quiet. He doesn't want Abigail to tell everyone about his shady business deals.

When Rafe and Shawn do make it to Stefano's physician, they get the information they were after. It turns out that Stefano was terminally ill at the time he died. Will this be enough to flip the script? Can it help get Hope out of prison? Rafe plans to let Hope know there is finally some positive news.

"Days of Our Lives" has an old face returning to Salem in the near future. Stephanie Johnson is coming back to town.

There is some speculation that she may be Brady's new love interest.

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