The New Year rang in with change on "Days Of Our Lives." We saw Sonny and Paul share a kiss at midnight. Chad and Abigail shared a tender kiss. Kate saw 2017 with Eduardo, and he had no idea how upset she truly was. There was Gabi learning who JJ's one night stand was in Florida about 30 seconds after he found out. Love lives in Salem shifted in a way that will shake things up in the New Year. If you don't want to know, don't read any further!

No 'DOOL' on Monday, Jan 2nd

On Monday, January 2nd we won't be looking into the lives of the folks on "Days Of Our Lives." The show will not air, but the drama will catch up by the end of the week!

Jade and Joey are devastated when Jade loses the baby. Steve and Kayla are there to comfort Joey through the loss. As a side note, the character Jade has been recast and we will see the replacement soon. In other baby news, Nicole is distraught at having to say goodbye to Holly. Brady manages to get the DNA results but has no idea that Nancy managed to get them switched.

Does Abigail get her man?

Things are getting hot and heavy between Mr. and Mrs. Chad Dimera. That kiss at midnight was just the beginning! And it seems that Abigail has an ally out there she didn't know she had! Gabi decides that she is totally done with JJ. The whole thing with Lani is more than she is willing to forgive. JJ's career is going great, however.

He makes detective at the Salem PD just in time for them to tighten up that ship.

Shane offers Rafe the chance to investigate the sighting of Stefano in eastern Europe. Marlena wants to help lure Stefano. Shane and Paul are ready to roll on the plan as well. They better hurry and get Hope out of Statesville.

She gets attacked and ends up in the hospital!

Theo manages to slip a bug into Valerie's purse. He and Claire are convinced that she is up to something shady. Well, Valerie finds the bug and there is a big blowout between she and Theo. Nicole and Deimos seem to be getting closer. So much so that Nicole admits she loves him!

Something is up and Sonny isn't missing a thing!

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