"Days of Our Lives" prepares for the Christmas gatherings and reunions that only Salem can host. We will have Christmas miracles to offset the heartbreak and disappointment that is sure to come. Don't read any further if you don't want to know!

Nicole is determined to find the truth!

This week Nicole is a woman on a mission! She is determined to find Chloe and get to the bottom of things about the baby she is carrying. Nicole not only finds her friend, she delivers the baby girl! Chloe realizes that Nicole is on to her and knows the baby is her's and Daniel's.

Brady follows the trail to find the two friends after defending Chloe to Deimos.

We find out who JJ's mystery woman was in Florida. None other than Lani! She returns to Salem for a "Days Of Our Lives" holiday and gives JJ the cold shoulder, but does she tell Gabi? She does have a secret she shares, but Valerie and Theo can't wait to learn that his suspicions were right on target.

Abigail decides to go see her husband

Gabi finally gives JJ the boot after overhearing a private conversation between him and his mom.

She makes the decision after realizing he has too many secrets. Of course this sends her to Chad, where they decide to share an intimate kiss, Abigail sees them. It doesn't stop Abigail, however. This is the week that she and Chad come face to face. Now, can he convince her not to leave Salem?

Adrienne goes for her first chemo treatment with Kate by her side.

Philip is livid with Deimos over being held captive and injected with truth serum.

He says so long to Salem and leaves town!

The Hernandez crew all have things going on this week. Eduardo runs into Eve. Darios has some big news for Gabi! Rafe spends Christmas with Hope.

The shady business at the dock is still going on. Viewers will see more of the unfolding scheme there.

The Horton family gathers for their traditional ornament hanging on "Days of Our Lives." A time to remember those that are gone, and those that can't be with them for the holiday.

However, not everything is cheery in Salem this holiday season.

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