On Friday, December 9th "Days Of Our Lives" ended with Abigail's decision to reveal herself to her husband and reunite their family. Spoilers tell us that she will take a few more days steeling her nerves before making an attempt on Thursday. Of course, in Salem nothing is easy. This story line will continue for some time yet.

Chad has more news for Rafe regarding Stefano. Considering he just learned of the unregistered handgun Stefano had purchased, we can be sure that that will be part of the news.

They are all teaming up to get the story straight to help Hope. Chad is beginning to realize that his father used his death to take down Hope, a long-time enemy.

How are things at Statesville?

Roman visits Hattie and Hope in Statesville. Hattie had been all alone for a very long time, and she now has someone that will check into her side of the circumstances that put her behind bars. It's a good thing she is bonding more with Hope because trouble is on the horizon. Sheila and Coco are working on a plan to bring Hope down.

Theo begins to wonder if his lifelong friend Ciara has feelings for him. Will he realize he has feelings for her as well? Before he can figure it all out he comes upon Abe and Valerie sharing an intimate moment.

Getting the truth about Chloe's baby

Deimos has Philip hostage and has had him injected. As Brady listens to Deimos' theory of Chloe and the baby, he is skeptical. This doesn't stop Deimos from continuing his quest for the truth.

Could Chloe be carrying the baby of Nicole and the late Daniel Jonas? The baby drama on "Days of Our Lives" continues.

Gabi overhears a very private conversation between JJ and his mother. She wants JJ to be honest and tell her about it. Instead of simply asking, she tests him to see if he will tell all.

Adrienne is realizing that Kate is a wonderful support for her after her cancer diagnosis. Though Kate is re-living a lot of the emotions from her own cancer experience, she is able to be there for Adrienne at every turn.

Steve gives Kayla an early Christmas present that leads to romance. Elsewhere in Salem, Nicole and Eve catch up and talk about the loss of the ones they loved.

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