Joey and Jade on "Days Of Our Lives" have a complicated relationship. It is even more complex now that she is pregnant. On yesterday's episode of "DOOL," Jade Michaels had a miscarriage scare. It turned out just to be dehydration, but it seems to have brought the characters closer. Also, the young woman seemed to soften when she saw the ultrasound of her unborn child. Do these two have a chance after all? Could they end up being good parents despite their age and issues?

Joey and Jade's relationship

Ever since the day that Joey Johnson and Jade Michaels met, they have had an on and off romance.

At first, Steve and Kayla's son was going through a lot. He killed Ava, his father nearly went to prison for the crime, and Joey's parents were separated and fighting. As for Jade, sometimes she seems like a manipulative, selfish vixen. Other times, she can be sweet, emotional, and vulnerable.

Jade Michaels is pregnant

Joey was going to break up with Jade on "Days Of Our Lives." When he was about to break the news to her, the troubled teenager announced her pregnancy. Later, Joey found out that she stopped birth control a few months earlier. Up until yesterday, Jade seemed uninterested in developing a bond with her unborn child. She called the baby "it" and didn't want to read any pregnancy books.

She was only interested in being taken care of by Joey Johnson.

The blame game and a miscarriage scare

Even though Jade is not innocent, Joey has been preoccupied with blaming her for the pregnancy. He brings it up constantly, which makes her upset and angry. The doctor said that stress can make morning sickness worse.

The vomiting caused dehydration, which sent Jade to the emergency room.

Do Joey and Jade still have a chance?

There wasn't much hope for Joey and Jade on "Days Of Our Lives." Fans started to hate her even more when she didn't seem to have any emotional bond with her unborn baby. After Kayla did an ultrasound and Jade saw her child, that all changed.

It was clear from her eyes that she was filled with emotion and was experiencing a love she never thought possible. She also apologized to Joey, which must be a first.

Do you think Joey Johnson and Jade Michaels have a chance after the miscarriage scare? Will seeing her baby on an ultrasound change Jade on "Days Of Our Lives"?

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