"Days Of Our Lives" fans just saw JJ and Gabi reunite. However, the soap opera couple might be headed for another breakup. Spoilers reveal that Gabi Hernandez will overhear JJ Devereaux is keeping another secret from her. Based on their recent history, will she assume this has to do with the woman he slept with in Miami? Or will she figure out that it has to do with Abigail Devereaux being alive?

Abigail is alive on 'Days Of Our Lives'

During Thanksgiving, JJ Devereaux went into the attic and discovered Abigail is alive. He was stunned, especially since Jennifer Horton knew about it and didn't tell him.

For now, he has agreed to keep Abby's secret. However, both Chad DiMera and Gabi Hernandez suspect that something is going on.

Gabi's brother finds out about Abby

This week on "Days Of Our Lives," Gabi Hernandez's brother, Dario, will find out that Abby isn't dead like everyone thinks. However, she will blackmail him into keeping quiet.

JJ confessed to cheating on Gabi

Recently, JJ told Gabi that he cheated on her while he was in Miami. He claims not to know who the woman was, but had flashbacks during a romantic moment with Gabi. The two broke up once before, but could the flashbacks cause them to split up again? Or will something else be the cause of another breakup?

Is it over for JJ and Gabi?

"DOOL" spoilers reveal that Gabi overhears that her boyfriend is keeping yet another secret from her. This won't make her happy at all. Chances are she will confront JJ about what he is hiding. She probably thinks it has something to do with the affair he had while searching for Abigail.

She has no idea it has to do with the fact that Abby is alive and hiding in Jennifer's attic. Will he tell Gabi the truth about Abigail in order to save his relationship? Or will he keep quiet and lose the woman he loves forever?

What do you think will happen with JJ Devereaux and Gabi Hernandez on "Days Of Our Lives?" Will Abigail's secret cause JJ to lose his girlfriend for good?

Or will everything eventually work out between the two?

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