"Days Of Our Lives" fans are shocked that Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Everyone knows that Stefano DiMera's (Joseph Mascolo) death was not premeditated. It was a spur of the moment reaction. Also, the judge didn't even consider the years of torment by the DiMera family or the extreme psychological issues she was facing at the time. It seems that there might be some light at the end of the tunnel for Hope. Spoilers reveal that Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) will deliver news about the crime to the prison inmate.

Stefano DiMera was dying

Chad (Billy Flynn) gave Rafe and Shawn (Brandon Beemer) access to Stefano's emails. Going through the documentation revealed correspondence between a man later identified as Stefano's doctor. "Days Of Our Lives" spoilers suggest that the patriarch was dying from a terminal illness. Even though he was already in a wheelchair, could a fatal diagnosis change Stefano's mind on how he wanted to live his final days?

Did the DiMera patriarch want Hope Brady to pull the trigger?

Stefano was a strong, powerful man who always wanted to be in control and have the upper hand.

It was hard enough for him to live in a wheelchair. However, knowing his days were numbered and he would need full-time care might have put some thoughts in his mind. Some people don't want to live their last days like that, but Stefano would not commit suicide either. Is it possible that he used Hope Brady's fragile mental state to get her to shoot him?

Will Hope get out of prison on 'Days Of Our Lives'?

Right now, there is no way to prove Rafe Hernandez's theory. However, further investigation into Stefano's emails might provide additional clues. Perhaps Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) will get the doctor to come forward. Maybe Chad DiMera will find something that will help. Any evidence would probably be circumstantial, but it could mean a much different prison sentence.

Instead of being convicted of premeditated murder of a man in a wheelchair, she could receive manslaughter. Hope might even get off entirely if they factor in Stefano's history and Hope's mental state.

What do you think will happen with Hope Brady, Rafe Hernandez, and the investigation into Stefano DiMera's death on "Days Of Our Lives"?

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