"Days Of Our Lives" fans are not happy that Joey and Jade are expecting a baby together. While Steve and Kayla's son is taking responsibility, Jade Michaels only seems interested in herself. "DOOL" spoilers for this week reveal that Jade will have a medical emergency. Is the crisis real, or an attempt to get sympathy from her boyfriend?

Joey and Jade's relationship on 'Days Of Our Lives'

Jade Michaels was not a good influence on Joey when they first met in Salem. However, some fans were warming up to her after the California commune crisis. It seems that the writers are bouncing back and forth because in the past few weeks, Jade is even worse than before.

Jade's pregnancy raises questions

Joey Johnson was about to break up with Jade when she suddenly announced she was pregnant. It was believed the pregnancy was a lie. However, lab results prove that she is definitely carrying a child. Despite having another life inside of her, Jade continues her selfish rants, devious manipulation, and eye-rolling demands. She doesn't have a job and isn't in school. She calls the baby "it" and doesn't seem interested in reading pregnancy books. Jade only cares about herself and hasn't grown up at all.

Is the medical crisis for real?

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, a sneak peek photo shows Jade at Brady's Pub holding her stomach, in pain. Joey rushes to her side, worried about his unborn child.

However, is this just another game or is she about to lose the baby?

Jade playing the sympathy card again?

Last week on "Days Of Our Lives," Steve and Kayla discussed setting boundaries and rules for Jade. Her medical emergency is likely just another mind game. She wants Joey to feel that the family is putting too much stress on her and the baby.

Not wanting to risk losing their son or grandchild, Steve and Kayla will probably give in to Jade's demands. However, will she go too far? What will happen when the child is born?

What do you think of Joey and Jade on "Days Of Our Lives"? Will she get the maternal instinct, or does this baby only serve one purpose?

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