"Days Of Our Lives" fans who want to see Chad DiMera and Abigail Devereaux reunite are not going to be happy. "DOOL" spoilers for the upcoming week reveal that Chad DiMera will admit that he has moved on from Abby. Unfortunately, the troubled young mother was not prepared to hear this news. What happens on the NBC soap opera, will Abigail recover, and is there any chance for "Chabby?"

Chad DiMera makes a devastating confession

According to the latest spoilers, Chad DiMera will have a conversation with Father Louis.

Not wanting to grieve anymore, he is ready for the next phase in his life. Chad admits wanting to move on. To the dismay of "Chabby" fans, Abigail is heartbroken after hearing this.

Chad and Gabi caught in the act?

NBC released a preview clip for next week. One scene shows Abigail Devereaux all dressed up and ready to announce she is alive to her husband. Andre DiMera opens the door and Abby is faced with Chad and Abby, who are standing very close to one another. Just seeing the shock and disappointment on her face is enough to break anyone's heart.

However, this could just be Abigail's imagination. Even though Chad and Gabi have kissed, Camila Banus' character understands this could be a rebound situation.

Abby says goodbye to Jennifer Horton

The "Days Of Our Lives" character says an emotional farewell to her mother, Jennifer Horton. It is not clear if Abby is leaving because of Chad's conversation with Father Louis or catching Gabi kissing her man.

In any case, the young woman is heartbroken and devastated. She ends up running away, ends up in an alley, and has a panic attack.

Is there hope for 'Chabby'?

Even though Billy Flynn previously said that Chad feels betrayed by Abigail, there might still be hope. Executive producer Ken Corday said in an interview that he wants fans to root for Chad and Abigail, as well as JJ and Gabi. That doesn't mean they will end up together.

However, it does make fans think that there might be a chance of a happy ending.

What do you think is going to happen with Chad and Abby on "Days Of Our Lives"? How will everyone react to finding out that Abigail is alive on the NBC soap opera? Keep watching to find out what happens next with Marci Miller's character.

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