Eve Donovan (Kassie DePavia) was last seen on "Days Of Our Lives" when Orpheus (George Del Hoyo) took her hostage. Spoilers tell us she will be returning in early December and will be linked to a love triangle.

Is Eve in Salem for Justin?

Adrienne (Judi Evans) is making a decision between her ex-husband Justin (Wally Kurth) and her fiance' Lucas (Bryan Dattilo). Eve sees this as an opportunity. She wants to be the one that is there for Justin and rescues him from heartbreak.

We are still waiting to hear who Adrienne decides is the man she wants to be with. If she decides to rekindle her relationship with Justin, having Eve around could be a bit uncomfortable for Justin.

On the other hand, if Adrienne continues a new life with Lucas, Justin will have Eve to turn to for comfort.

Could Eve be JJ's mystery woman from Florida?

Remember we still have a secret looming in Salem as well. JJ (Casey Moss) had a fling in Florida. With the history between him and Eve, could it be? Will we find out that she is the one JJ cheated on Gabi with? Or will it be that she really is there just for Justin and JJ's one night stand was someone else that is coming to "Days of Our Lives" in the near future?

How long will Eve stay?

There is no word yet on how long Eve will remain in Salem. With her real life health issues, she may not be on the show very long this time. During the hiatus for the Olympics, Kassie DePavia was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

She has been receiving treatments during her breaks from the set of "Days of Our Lives" as well as having some lengthy hospital stays. Her doctors remain hopeful for a full recovery.

Kassie DePavia was scheduled to attend the "Rewind Convention" in Chicago on November 11th through the 13th. Sources say she did not show but her husband was there.

In checking Kassie's website, there is no update on her health.

Eve's presence in Salem is always a sign of drama on the horizon. No matter which way Adrienne's decision goes, fans can expect Eve to keep things spicy!

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