"Days Of Our Lives" fans were told months ago that Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) would have a baby story. However, viewers were not sure how since she is unable to have children. Recently, things are coming together but Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) is keeping a huge secret from her friend. The baby she is carrying actually belongs to Daniel and Nicole (Shawn Christian.) Will she ever know that she has a child and get to realize her dream of motherhood?

The shocking truth on 'Days Of Our Lives'

Everyone was wondering who fathered Chloe's baby.

She was surprised when the paternity results showed that Deimos was not the father. Eventually, the truth was revealed. It turns out that Chloe was trying to be a surrogate for Daniel and Nicole. The first attempt failed and unknown to anyone else, Chloe tried IVF a second time, which was a success. She is now carrying Nicole Walker's baby, but refuses to tell her because she doesn't like Deimos.

Philip says the magic word

Deimos Kiriakis had Philip kidnapped and drugged. On Monday's episode of "Days Of Our Lives," he demanded to know the truth about Chloe's baby.

Philip just kept mumbling "embryo." At first, it made no sense to Deimos. Then, he realized what it really meant and that Chloe was carrying Nicole's child. Due to his love for Nicole, Deimos is determined to find out the truth once and for all.

Deimos Kiriakis tells Brady Black the situation

Suddenly, Brady Black bursts in the room and stops Deimos. After being threatened, he tells Brady what is going on.

As fans know, Brady and Nicole are close and he knows all about her desire to be a mother. However, he is shocked at what Deimos is suggesting. Spoilers reveal that Deimos will explain the timeline and get Brady's help.

Deimos and Brady to work together

"DOOL" spoilers state that Deimos and Brady will partner up to investigate. Then, Deimos will decide to try to find out who the doctor was that performed IVF on Chloe.

If he can get that information, he might be able to get solid evidence that Chloe is carrying Nicole's child.

Will Nicole Walker get her baby?

It may take some time, but fans should expect Nicole to get her baby. No matter how Chloe feels about Deimos, Nicole has a right to know about her child. She is supposed to be her best friend and knows the heartache Nicole has gone through. However, she continues to keep the secret. It's not right, but viewers can count on the writers making sure that the situation is made right. Chloe will either admit the truth or Deimos and Brady will get proof that will help Nicole get her child.

What do you think is going to happen with Philip, Chloe, Deimos, Nicole, and Brady on "Days Of Our Lives"?

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