"Days Of Our Lives" comings and goings reveal that two more characters will be leaving Salem this week, and that they're departure will come as Christmas is being celebrated by the rest of the town's characters. According to Soap Hub, "DOOL" fans will see not one, but two, people leave during the holidays this year, and the departures are sure to make the holidays a bit more dramatic in Salem. The characters of Philip Kiriakis and Jade Michaels will both being saying goodbye during the week of December 19 - 23.

Philip says goodbye to Salem

According to the report, actor John-Paul Lavoisier, who joined "Days of Our Lives" in December of 2015 is on his way out this week. His character, Philip Kiriakis, has been through a lot over the past year as he's had a serious relationship with Belle Black, who left him to reunite with her estranged husband, Shawn Brady. Philip also started his own record company, where his signed Chloe Lane. The two rekindled their romantic spark a bit, but when Chloe found out she was pregnant, Philip was there for support.

He even pretended to be the baby's father when the two believed that Deimos had gotten Chloe pregnant. However, now Philip is back to butting heads with his family over business, and it seems like as good of a time as any to leave Salem.

The character of Jade is recast

Meanwhile, "Days of Our Lives" viewers will also see Jade depart this week. Actress Paige Searcy has decided to part ways with the show, and it comes at a time when her character has a huge storyline.

Jade, who is Joey Johnson's on again, off again, trouble-making girlfriend, is pregnant with his child. The two are now trying to figure out how to work together to get through the pregnancy, and plan to co-parent their unborn baby. Jade is said to be leaving to pursue her education. However, Jade will be back. The NBC soap has already recast the role, and actress Gabrielle Haugh will take over as Jade in January.

This means Jade won't be away for too long. This will bring even more drama to the show in 2017.

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