"Days Of Our Lives" comings and goings reveal that fans are about to say goodbye to even more characters in the near future. According to reports by Soap Hub, two more Salem residents are set to say their final farewells this year. The exiting characters have both had big storylines, but their stories are quickly fizzling out. "DOOL" viewers can expect to see the characters of Jade and Philip both leave Salem very soon.

Two more characters leaving 'DOOL'

According to reports, actress Paige Searcy, who plays Jade Michaels on "Days of Our Lives" is out.

Jade will soon be gone from Salem. Jade came to Salem in early 2016 and immediately caught the eye of Joey Johnson. The couple have a wild ride of a relationship, and most recently Jade announced to Joey that she was pregnant with his child. However, not everything seems to be falling into place. In fact, many fans believe that Jade's so-called pregnancy may be completely fake, and an attempt to get Joey back in her life. Since Jade is leaving "DOOL" soon, it would appear that perhaps she's not pregnant after all.

Say goodbye to Jade and Philip

Meanwhile, actor John-Paul Lavoisier, who portrays Philip Kiriakis on "Days of Our Lives" will also be gone very soon. The actor took over the role in December of 2015 after portraying Rex Balsom on "One Life To Live." Lavoisier's last scene is quickly approaching as Philip will leave Salem yet again. Most recently, Philip was in relationship with his ex-wife, Belle Black, but that ended when she left him to reconnect with her estranged husband, Shawn Brady.

The character then entered a dramatic faux romance with Chloe Lane, which led to real feelings. However, Chloe, who is pregnant with the child of Daniel Jonas and Nicole Walker, has a lot on her plate at the moment, and just couldn't seem to fully reciprocate Philip's feelings. Perhaps Philip's damaged love life, along with the fact that his relationship with his father, Victor Kiriakis, is fractured could lead Philip to feel like an outsider in his hometown.

Maybe Philip will head off to do some business dealings with Titan overseas.

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