"Days Of Our Lives" fans have been split on Vivian Jovanni as Ciara since she first joined the cast on October 30, 2015. There have even been petitions by some viewers to have her fired. Rumors say they have gotten their wish.

Rough transition for the actress

Now, in all fairness to Vivian Jovanni, she stepped into some really big shoes. The character Ciara was aged overnight as the younger actress Lauren Boles ended her time on "Days of Our Lives" and Vivian Jovanni started. Lauren Boles was loved by many of the show's viewers and they were never happy with the older actress from the beginning.

Additionally, Vivian Jovanni had emotional storylines for the first few months on the show. The death of her father Bo, the evil Aiden, being raped by Chase, and all the trauma of Hope being a murderer and going to prison. Any actress in that role was walking into an uphill battle.

"Days of Our Lives" films several months in advance. With the way filming goes, even if they bring a new actress into the role of Ciara we will not see her for a while.

A few other comings and goings

Overall "Days of Our Lives" has a good track record of bringing in replacement characters. Billy Flynn was a replacement in the role of Chad. He managed to make the role his own and bring the character to a new level.

Fans just saw a recast in the role of Abigail.

When Kate Mansi left it was obvious to everyone that she would be hard to replace. Actress Marci Miller recently stepped into that role and fans have not responded well. The sentiment of viewers on social media is to have a new Abigail join the cast of "Days of Our Lives" in the near future.

Another change we know is coming is the exit of Paige Searcy who plays Jade.

Rumor has it that it was her decision to leave. There has been no confirmation yet on whether casting will replace her.

Stephanie Johnson will be returning to Salem. Actress Shelley Hennig will play the role once again. She is the daughter of Steve and Kayla Johnson, and the sister of Joey.

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