In May, The CW decided to order three new TV shows. "Riverdale" is one of them. The TV series will be a dark take on the famous and loved "Archie Comics" and it will debut in January. It will be a teen-drama that will follow the lives of a group of characters: Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Veronica and Cheryl. As we approach its debut, we can summarize all the news and spoilers we have and have a look at the first "Riverdale" trailer.

'Riverdale' Story and Cast

Coinciding with the 75th birthday of the original source, "Archie Comics", "Riverdale" will tell the story of this group of friends, exploring the bleak and shady atmosphere of a small town - the darkness and troubling bubbling beneath Riverdale's fake facade.

The main protagonist is Archie Andrews who is a quite weird and unusual adolescent: he loves music, he is popular but he doesn't live his status quo as an ordinary adolescent. He wants to pursue a career in music, and he had a forbidden affair with the Riverdale’s young music teacher, Ms. Grundy.

K. J. Apa stars as Archie, "The Suite's Life"'s Cole Sprouse is Jughead, Camila Mendes is Betty, Lili Reinhart is Betty and "Beverly Hills 90210"'s charmer Luke Perry will star as Archie's father, Fred and "Twin Peaks" Mädchen Amick will be Alice, Betty's mother.

'Riverdale' Spoilers and Release Date

This new TV Series will start with a killing: the golden boy Jason Blossom will be found dead on the shore of a river.

With a "Twin Peaks" vibe, "Riverdale" will begin with this accident and explore how the outburst of this tragic event will change this group of people. There will be also a new girl in town: Veronica. The TV Show will start on January, 26th at 9 p.m. after a newly relocated "Supernatural". The TV show is produced by the DC's television King Midas Greg Berlanti, and created by "Archie Comics"'s chief creative officer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

'Riverdale' First Preview

Archie's story is clearly one of the most anticipated and hottest TV Show of 2017. The CW released the first "Riverdale" trailer. Have a look:

January can't come soon enough.

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