Vegeta and Bulma

The two characters in the series of "Dragon Ball Super" have left us with many events and curiosities about the way they carry out their courtship in an intelligent way, which surpasses Goku's courtship with his wife Bulma. Now, everything seems to be different for Goku, since he always has conflicts with his beloved wife because Saiyajins like martial arts and always prefer to be the most complete fighter on planet Earth and the 12 universes.

Although Vegeta has a curiosity, he is the most proud.


He can always have a problem and be the culprit, but this states that he cannot apologize to anyone for being a prince of the Saiyajins, but in the saga of the return of Trunks of the future everything has changed for the better, since Bulma receives many gestures of love and sympathy, stating that he loves his wife with all of his strength, and that she is a great woman to think of each child of the alternative future.

What's next?

A very admirable curiosity of Bulma is that she knows how to cook to perfection, that is something recognizable by the humans that inhabit the future.

They had not been able to eat such good and healthy food for many days, so when they arrived in the time machine they thanked her for a great event. Bulma is a very attractive woman who breaks the schemes in the series of "Dragon Ball Super," since she always is arranged very well at the time of leaving, because it says that Vegeta likes to see it always that way. Although Vegeta has a new curiosity of being affectionate with his family, it seems that his character overall is embracing a softer side that is not all about fighting and seeking revenge.


Bulma's intelligence is very admirable, as it can fix the time machine so that the other Saiyans can travel along the different timelines, between the present and the alternative future. Unfortunately, the god of destruction destroyed the machine of time and we do not know if Bulma will continue to work on this project, and, if so, we are left to wonder what will happen next.