It all started way back in April when Cruz’s mom, Victoria Beckham, shared a video on the internet of the 11-year-old singing Faith Evans' "Hope." Soon after fans were making comparisons of him to Justin Bieber. Now in December, and eight months later, Cruz is living up to those evaluations, being called the next Bieber. First off he signed with music producer and manager Scooter Braun, the guy who discovered The Biebs. He also just released his first single Wednesday morning titled “If Every Day Was Christmas.” The track includes romantic lyrics and talking about kissing under the mistletoe, very similar to Justin Bieber’s Christmas album titled “Under the Mistletoe” which was released in 2011 by a much younger and teenaged Justin.

The ultimate proof

Before all of this the comparisons of Cruz to Bieber were simply theoretical but now that he has the exact same manger and a Christmas song on the radio, it is pretty obvious this is, essentially, the ultimate proof. Cruz currently resides in England with his A-list family David and Victoria Beckham. "If Every Day Was Christmas" debuted today in the U.K., and although it is not currently playing on the radio in the U.S., it seems quite clear it will be in no time at all, especially since the song is already available on Apple music.

His parents have taken to social media

His mom and dad have already taken to social media to promote their son. David Beckham posted on his Instagram a video of Cruz listening to his song on the radio and wrote, “Not his average morning before school...

Proud of my little man with his new Christmas single and also helping children around the UK with the proceeds from this.” However, it seems some people aren't as enthused as his parents. On "Good Morning Britain" Piers Morgan announced, "It's not his fault. He's 11. But how did he manage to release this?

It's sickening."

Cruz’s ultimate goal is to raise money for charity. All proceeds from his single will go to the foundation Global's Make Some Noise.

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