The Season 3 promo of "Counting On" shows the same plotlines but with different characters. Jinger Duggar's journey to the altar; Joy-Anna Duggar's discoveries in dating; Jessa Duggar's experiences with pregnancy and motherhood. These women and their significant others face the cameras again to exploit their personal lives. Americans will see more highs than lows, and fans are excited to embark on another adventure with the Duggar family. Before the program airs again, people speculate about a couple pregnancies.

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A boy or girl?

The popular app Instagram is like a confederate for many journalists. Celebrities post about their life for anyone to see, and the comments are always interesting. The latest picture on Duggar's account is an ultrasound photo of her second child in utero. The caption reads, "Throwback to our week 20 ultrasound! Can't believe we're already #32 weeks now! #BabySeewald2 will be here before we know it!" Most people are happy for the expectant mother. Even though she will only give birth to one baby, the gender is still unknown.

Will Duggar have a boy or a girl? On Instagram, the general consensus relays that Duggar will welcome a little girl. One profile states, "I'm guessing girl based off the skull theory." This theory suggests boys sport block-heads while girls don a rounder shape. However, the notion has no scientific basis. Until Duggar reveals the sex, people will continue to guess.

More baby theories

While Duggar prepares for her 2017 arrival, fans muse about another Duggar newborn.

Will Josh and Anna Duggar welcome their fifth child? The Hollywood Gossip dishes, "So either she's pregnant or she had an especially large lunch, right? But it definitely looks like she could be pregnant." The article's message revolves around a viral photo of the mother with a noticeable bump. Before fans freak, she could just be gaining weight due to stress or depression. Regardless of the situation, her family is reunited for the holidays, and that's a blessing.

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