Jokes about the Duggar clan spread like wildfire. Their unique beliefs and unorthodox approach to love and religion either attract or repel audiences. While people did view them as the paragon of an American family, recent scandals serve as a red flag in constant motion. Cheating, child molestation, and incest are crimes people want to forget, not remember. As the Duggar's promote holy matrimony and quickie pregnancies, their image veers toward the light again. Viewers coo at the newborn babies and are awed by their promoted virtue.

Even though life seems pleasant (on camera) for this brood of twenty-two, one little girl is still missing from the frames.


On Instagram, Jill Duggar expressed her sorrow for an angel. As a mother herself, miscarriages are her worst nightmare. She wrote, "5 years ago today my mom gave birth to my youngest little sister, Jubilee Shalom Duggar and Jesus welcomed her home to Heaven! She is a testimony to every life being beautiful; at 18 weeks gestation, she was a beautiful baby with little blue eyes, 10 fingers & 10 toes!

She weighed 4 oz. and was 6 inches long. We miss you Jubilee and look forward to meeting you one day in Heaven!" A screenshot of three photos includes a bible verse in tandem with Miss Jubilee's tiny hands and feet. Sweet messages poured in from across the United States.

Pregnancy rumors

As the Duggar's mourn, they can find comfort in their blessings. Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, are expecting again!

They share 1-year-old son, Spurgeon, and their second child will debut in early 2017. There is no official, public announcement about Jill Duggar's pregnancy, though, and she may wait to conceive. However, that fact does not discourage rumors from circulating online. According to a Hollywood Take article, some fans believe Israel is no longer an only child. The piece states: "But fans noticed that Jill was wearing a long shirt and covering her stomach in the picture.

So many began speculating that she is pregnant with her second child." Even though pictures are worth a thousand words, their messages are obscure.

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