Pregnancies and courtships are routine for the Duggar's. With a total of twenty children, parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are constantly busy with errands and events. Their eldest daughters are experiencing different phases of life right now. Joy-Anna Duggar is dating her boyfriend Austin Forsyth; Jinger Vuolo is wife to Texan pastor Jeremy Vuolo; Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard are both pregnant. While Seewald is due in February, Dillard will give birth in July. Excitement never dies with such a large brood, and fans should expect more babies and brides during Season 3 of "Counting On." It's airing very soon!


Derick and Jill Dillard were missionaries within the Central American country of El Salvador. They learned Spanish to proselytize the locals, but Arkansas was like a home-cooked meal: a mouthwatering must-have. With their toddler, Israel, in tow, the Christians left their passion in favor of family, friends, and festivities. In December, People announced Dillard's second pregnancy. She exclaimed, "We are so excited to be expecting Dillard baby #2! Children really are a wonderful blessing from God.

Having Israel has been such a delight to us that we know a second sweet baby will only continue to add joy to our family. We are thankful to God for this sweet child and we cannot wait to see her or him face to face!"

Spread the word, not germs

The Dillard's preached in an area rife with Zika. Unless they discussed their options with a certified doctor and perused the CDC guidelines, their second baby is at risk.

Hopefully, the burgeoning brood scheduled an appointment with their healthcare provider to eliminate any adverse possibilities. According to the CDC website, infected patients were seemingly healthy for three weeks before they noticed their symptoms. Regardless of religion or belief, safe sex and abstinence were preferred safeguards against the Zika virus. Hopefully, the Dillard's were mindful of this.

The baby was planned, but not its possible birth defects.

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