Season 2 of "Counting On" just ended. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's sixth child, Jinger, married her sweetheart Jeremy Vuolo in early November. While fans witnessed holy matrimony, the special left people with questions unanswered. Cameras captured the juicy portions of the Duggar's livelihood such as: engagements, weddings, and births. However, the intricacies were often overlooked. Of course, fans swooned after every kiss, and they cooed in response to the babies' babbles. Unfortunately, important milestones like education and career were barely showcased on-screen.

Thankfully, two couples were emphatic about their passions. Whether they're a missionary or minister, callings were chased outside of taped confessions.

Help in a handbasket

Derick and Jill Dillard's relationship grew online. Derick worked in Nepal, so he communicated with his wife through the computer or the phone. After a few dates, their nuptials commenced in June of 2014. Unfortunately, the honeymoon was cut short. Jill's eldest brother, Josh Duggar, was accused of molestation and incest. The shocking scandal shook the patriarchy, and the Dillard's saw the contention as a sign from their divinity.

On Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray, the content read: "It's official! Jill and Derick are headed to El Salvador to work for S.O.S. Ministries according to a close friend." The Dillard's proselytized the locals, and the couple helped the destitute. Since Jill became pregnant again, she travelled back to the United States with Derick in tow. Right now, they're focused on the fetus in utero and their firstborn, Israel David.

Sermon for sale

Ben and Jessa Seewald chose domestication after Josh Duggar's drama. They shared one-year-old Spurgeon Elliott, but he's a big brother in training now. While the couple cultivated popularity and prestige, paid appearances were never the dream. Ben was an aspiring preacher. He attended the Moody Bible Institute, and he procured a position at the Evangelism Reformation Conference in the Sun Belt state of Texas.

Hopefully he can deliver his message without a hitch.

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