When “Mission Impossible” actor Tom Cruise unloaded his Beverly Hills mansion and Hollywood Hills compound, tongues immediately got to wagging. Reports are that Cruise will be moving to the sleepy beach town of Clearwater, Florida which is also home to Church of Scientology “spiritual” headquarters. The 54-year-old native New Yorker’s new digs is a 20,000 square-foot duplex penthouse reportedly worth $3 million and is only two blocks from the church’s Flag Building. It features a projection room, a car elevator with enough parking to accommodate nine vehicles, and a private rooftop pool. It is said that Cruise’s 21-year-old son Connor and his mother Mary Lee Pfeiffer already live in the area.

The belief is that Cruise’s presence in the area will generate more money for the church in a town with a population of close to 110,000 and is just one bridge away from Tampa. The church has almost 70 buildings located throughout its 10-square-mile ownership of the city with an estimated 8 percent of the population being Scientologists. Speculations are, Scientology leader David Miscavige is thrilled about their most high-profile member’s relocation. Miscavige is said to have a major influence on the actor.

Signs of a possible calculated move

Rumors are, the Church of Scientology is struggling these days, and with former member and outspoken actress Leah Remini spilling the gospel, there must be a mad dash for damage control.

Remini has also declared Cruise is the church’s most celebrated, protected and coveted celebrity member. There are also reports of church membership dwindling down by massive amounts, but a church spokesperson claims the opposite, stating they are experiencing unprecedented growth worldwide. Since there are tales of the church suffering in Los Angeles, and Clearwater is where the most money is being made, some think this will be the time when Miscavige makes good on his talk about making Cruise his right-hand man and second man in charge.

Florida and Scientology

While Cruise’s move may be viewed as a really big deal, he is not the only Scientology celebrity to live in or have a home in the Sunshine state. John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston reside in Ocala, Florida, which is only 118 miles away, and they fly into town often. Kirstie Alley bought the Clearwater mansion previously owned by former member Lisa Marie Presley, and jazz keyboardist Chick Corea lives near the headquarters as well.

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