Ouch! Who knew sweet little Cindy Brady would grow up to have such a potty mouth? Former child star Susan Olsen, who is best known for her portrayal as the youngest “Brady Bunch” child with the golden, curly pigtails made News recently. The Donald Trump-supporting Olsen was fired from her Los Angeles “Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics” radio job after posting several vicious homophobic attacks on Facebook, which were directed toward a listener who complained about her format.

Accord-Whiting wrote a scathing complaint that it was irresponsible for LA Talk Radio to give a Trump fanatic a pass to co-host one of their programs.

Accord-Whiting took issue with Olsen “spewing idiotic, unchecked lies” and suggested the station give “Cindy Brady” her walking papers. He then promised to not listen to or appear on any shows moving forward until Susan Olsen was gone. Accord-Whiting added that this was not merely a disagreement over tax plans or foreign policy. He warned that Olsen was spreading outrageous misinformation which was dangerous and showed unprofessionalism.

Fighting words

To prove his point about being unprofessional, Olsen encouraged followers to track the man down and called Accord-Whiting a “little piece of human waste.” The former actress then sent Accord-White a homophobic-laced private message which he in turn handed over to her bosses.

In a profanity-filled message, Olsen referred to him as a lying piece of s**t who was too cowardly to confront her in real life and even claimed her non-existent male anatomy was larger than his. She ended her response with a hope that Accord-Whiting meet his karma slowly and painfully.

LA Talk Radio responds

Saturday morning, LA Talk Radio issued a statement confirming that they had fired Olsen. The statement included a message of how LA Talk Radio promises to continue providing a home for anyone who has a hopeful and positive message of tolerance and togetherness.

LA Talk Radio wrote that they will not tolerate hateful speech by anyone associated with their station and have severed ties with the host, who veered away from the direction they are going.

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