The 1973 Czech-German cult-classic, "Tři oříšky pro Popelku," starring Libuše Šafránková in the title role, is getting an international release for Christmas.

A Christmas staple of Eastern Europe

Based off of a Bohemian version of the Cinderella fable, an abused girl and a lonely prince fall in love after meeting each other three times in disguise. Instead of a fairy godmother, however, Cinderella receives magic help from three enchanted hazelnuts, that each grant her a wish. Intended as a feminist re-telling of the classic story, Cinderella at one point meets her prince while disguised as a male hunter, and impresses him as a sharpshooter, and while she does later go to a ball dressed like a princess, she covers her face with a veil and attracts the prince with her wit, crafting a riddle for him to figure out who she is.

Over the years, the film has aired regularly as a Christmas special in Eastern Europe. In that respect, the film is often compared to "It's a Wonderful Life" or "The Wizard of Oz" in the United States, or "Dinner for One" in Europe. The December release of the new DVD is likely meant to cash in on the Christmas holidays as well, with a press release dubbing it "a treasured Christmas holiday classic," that continually hopes to attract new audiences.

What can we expect from the new international release?

While never given a proper English dub, a version of the film with an English speaking narrator explaining the story aired on the BBC during the Seventies. While it was the film's first exposure to the English speaking world, the cut had censored aspects of the film and even removed certain sequences.

The new release of the film notably borrows its title, "Three Wishes for Cinderella," from the BBC edit for the English release, although "Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella," would be a more accurate translation.

The London-based company, Second Run, is issuing the release of the film. The company's Mehelli Modi explained in a released statement that the BBC cut of the film has helped make the film a cult classic in English speaking territories, notably the United Kingdom.

A trailer for the new release of the film can be seen below. As can be seen, the translations will also be given through subtitles, rather than an English dub of the film.

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